The NorthWest [Montana, Idaho, & Washington]

Thanks for keeping up, friends. Here’s our latest progress:

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.27.49 PM

August 12: We did our fair share of exploring the beautiful town of Helena, Montana. Our friend Kellea gave us a tour of the Montana Club, a member’s only historical club with a more than chilling basement bar. On her advice, we also checked out the Fire Tower Coffeehouse (whose manager was both Iowan and Norwegian) and MY FAVORITE so far: the BlackFoot Tap Room. This gem shocked us with great beer, social atmosphere, and free popcorn. 🙂 I recommend the Saison IPA. We thought it was funny that Montana State Law limits individual consumption to 48 oz. per day at a brewery, so everyone’s going around with these check mark cards making sure they don’t go over the state limit. This brewery would be my favorite even if it was situated amongst my other faves in London. Way to go, Helena. url That night we ventured past Idaho and into Spokane. Passing through Idaho got me thinking…Washington and Montana both sound cool to me. Why does Idaho not? It’s a tiny strip of land in between. I challenge the marketing department of Idaho to step their game up.

August 13: The next day was a rush to see the amazing Julia in Seattle. A day filled with driving and then the reward: Char & Julia happy in their amazing apartment in Capital Hill (a REALLY cool neighborhood in Seattle). Julia cooked us steak and Char tempted us with ice cream, and they were just generally and predictably entertaining and hilarious. It was good to see faces from home, not to mention a very exciting night of excursion into Seattle, which we found out upon arrival was the prominent gay neighborhood (which is a good sign you’ve found the right place). Rune took this picture of me as part of a series of me eating cheesy snacks in different cities and countries. True story: once in Barcelona I had my hand inside a bag of cheetos and then I slipped on dog poop (doop?) and if he wouldn’t have caught me I would have lost my life to that doop. Hi Rune’s friends and family who I haven’t yet met! This should be a great introduction. IMG_4656

August 14: We bummed around the city for a while before heading to a nearby state park for more camping. We’re pros, by now. Seriously. I’ve got my ears open for any camping olympics. Or if anyone wants to challenge us to a camp-off…we’re going to beat you.

August 15: We hopped on the ferry to the beautiful San Juan Island Archipelago(Orcas Island, disappointingly not pronounced like the plural of Orca, but more like orcus. But they’re not fooling anyone). Ferries are insane. You drive onto a boat and then they take you to an island and then you drive off. I thought this would cost a thousand dollars but only like, 30 each way. WOW, Washington. Way to figure this out. And Norway, I guess, who I’m told…has also figured this out. But I have yet to see proof of that. IMG_4657

August 16: We’ve spent most of today regrouping, planning tomorrow’s whale excursion, and working online in local cafes. For anyone who doesn’t know, we’re psycho about Orca Whales and we’re going on a boat tomorrow to try to see them jump around and maybe into our arms to take home. The dream was that we could maybe pitch a tent on the beach and they would nudge us awake, but so far we’re mostly being woken up by Oregon kids practicing Harry Potter spells with sticks.

Wish us whales!! I’ll leave you with this lovely photo Rune captured of me on the ferry. A gift for photography, that man has. IMG_4662

The NorthWest [Montana, Idaho, & Washington]

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